Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! We would like to invite You and your loved ones to celebrate with us your special occasions! Weddings, birthday parties, corporate event, bar and bat mitzvahs and any other special event! Let’s party Hollywood Style!
Popular European cuisine specialities offered in a contemporary interpretation and serving. A wide use of farm products. High quality service. Excellent taste of dishes prepared by our highly experienced chef Alex Over 25 years of experience at cruise liners, best restaurants of Odessa, Ukraine (Fankoni) and Toronto restaurants.
Herring fillet
Herring fillet served with marinated onion and black olives.
Lecho star salad
Mix of grilled vegetables served in a star shaped homemade tortilla bowl.
Olivie salad
Traditional Russian potato salad with chunks of chicken breast.
Assorted pickled vegetables
Sauerkraut, marinated pickles, tomatoes, pattypan squash, and peperonchini peppers.
Arugula salad with shrimps
Arugula in speciality sauce and marinated shrimps topped with tobico caviar.
Pickled mushrooms
Variety of pickled mushrooms marinated with assorted vegetables.
Eggplant rolls
Slices of baked eggplant rolled with crushed walnut cilantro and speciality sauce; platted with fresh vegetables.
Chicken liver pate “cake”
Chicken liver pate layered with crepes. Garnished with grated egg.
Assorted cold fish platter
Lox and smoked Atlantic salmon. Served with lemon slices and black olives.
Red caviar and pancakes
Spinach crepes stuffed with seafood
Spinach-dough crepes stuffed with seafood and cream cheese; garnished with red caviar.
Assorted cold meats platter
Variety of smoked and cured meats with spices; includes chicken and beef.
Kani salad
Seaweed, crab meat, mango and specialty sauce.
“Herring under
a fur coat” salad
Salted herring topped with beets salad, potato and carrot.
Рыбное ассорти
Herring fillet served with marinated onion and black olives.
Мясное ассорти
Печеночный торт
Филе сельди с лучком
Грибочки маринованные по домашнему
Блинчики со шпинатом фаршированные морепродуктами
Салат «Одесса»
Салат «Листья Рукколы в специальном соусе с креветками»
Ролы из баклажанов фаршированные орешками в специальном соусе
Салат «Оливье»
Салат «Крабовые палочки»
Блинчики с красной икрой
Assorted grilled meat platter
Assortment of chicken, lamb chops,and pork shiskabob; served with homemade adjika sauce and grilled pineapple.
Grilled salmon and king shrimp plate
Grilled salmon in speciality cream sauce with king shrimp served with mashed potato grilled vegetables and chilli pepper
Roasted duck quarter
Tender duck quarter marinated n orange puree,drizzled with sweet cranberry sauce. Served with orange marmalade and baked apple.
Seasoned potatoes
Oven baked potatoes, topped with mashed garlic and parsley.
Картошечка по-деревенски
Утиные окорочка в специальном соусе от Шефа
Стейк из Лосося на гриле с королевскими креветками, пюре и овощами на гриле
Tender duck quarter marinated n orange puree,drizzled with sweet cranberry sauce. Served with orange marmalade and baked apple.
Мясное трио: баранина, свинина, курятина с домашней аджикой
Napoleon cake
Multi layered cake; made with puff pastry and cream.
Classic eclair
Homemade eclair pastry filled with cream.
Торт Наполеон
Variety of soft drinks and hot drinks.
Минеральная вода
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